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SLV--Jiangsu Shoulong Valve Co., Ltd.

SLV--jiangsu shoulong valve Co.,Ltd is located in Nanjing,China,founded in the year 2000.Over the past 20 years,SLV engaged in research & development ,production and sales of industrial valves.
Products in SLV are fully integrated and cater to a wide spectrum demands.There are ball valves,butterfly valves,globe valves,gate valves,check valves,and actuators.Moreover,the mainly featured products are pneumatic actuated valve,electric actuated valve,and control valve.The valves application including oil&gas,power generation,mining,chemical process,marine,pharmcentical,food&beverage,water and urban constructions etc.

Engineering Case
Smooth and flexible operation, small friction, long-term stable and flexible operation of the valve stem, even for the shrinkage ball valve, its fluid resistance is quite small;
Low resistance
The structure is unreasonable, the valve resistance is large, the corresponding action is slow and inconvenient to use.
The sealing ring is made of elastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, which is easy to seal, and the sealing ability of the ball valve increases with the increase of medium pressure. The valve stem only rotates without lifting, so the packing seal is not easy to be damaged.
Sealed well
The sealing materials are poor, easy to leak, polluting the environment and causing huge losses.
Because PTFE and other materials have good self-lubrication and small friction loss with the ball, their service life is at least 2 times longer than that of ordinary ball valves.
Long life
Jerry work and rough products, bringing many troubles to production.
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Our company attended the 8th FLOWTECH CHINA(SHANGHAI)exhibition.Show time: 2019.Jun.3rd ~ 2019.Jun.5thit it. Address: National Convention and Exhibition Center ...
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