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VP Pneumatic Actuator

Brand: Veapon

Color: Green/grey, Golden/black

Material: Aluminum

Action: Double action or Single action

Certification: CE

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Veapon Pneumatic Actuator

    The VP pneumatic rack and pinion actuators have been innovated and optimally designed through CAD,Cinema,Mastercam three-dimensional model,incorporating the latest technology at home and abroad.The shape is beautiful and compact,and the style is modern.We adopt new practical materials,new processes to make the quality and the performance of the products more reliable;multi-standard selection is more affordable;the products fully meet the latest international standard technical specifications and the current and future needs.


    1.Dual piston rack and pinion design of symmetric structure,having fast and smooth action,high precision,high output power.Reverse rotation can be accomplished by simply changing the mounting position of the pistons.

    2.Extruded high quality aluminum alloy cylinder,precisely processed inner hole and hard anodized outer surface(anodic oxidation under special circumstances+Teflon coating)long service life and lower friction coefficient.

    3.Integrated design,all of the double acting and single acting actuators for the same model have the same cylinder and end cap,which makes it easy to change the acting way by mounting or dismounting springs.

    4.Modular preloaded safe spring cartridges,installing or removing springs easily and safely no matter in the process of mounting or in the field.

    5.The two independent adjusting screws on the external side can precisely adjust the on/off location of valve,which has been installed with actuator.If full stroke adjustment is required,additionally install longer adjusting screws on two end covers.

    6.Multi-function location indicator,visual indicator,grooves conforming to VID/VIE3845,NAMUR standard which can mount in and output from all of the accessaries,such as limit switch box,electrical locator,position sensor.

    7.Air port complies with NAMUR standard and NUMAR standard solenoid valve can be directly mounted on it. 

    8.The compound bearing bush and piston guide ring at the back of gear rack and bearing of outlet shaft prevent friction metal to metal.In addition,the increased lubricants help to reduce friction and extend the service life.

    9.All fasteners are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosive for long period.

    10.The connections fully conforms to the latest international standard.ISO5211,DN3337(F03-F25) which makes the products have good interchangeability and  commonality.

Pneumatic Actuator's Strength: 1.Reliable performance; 2.Precision & Wear resistance; 3.Safety guarantee, 4. Corrosion & rust prevention      5. Two color for choosen: Green/grey, Golden/black


Veapon Pneumatic Actuators Detail:  

  1. Hard Anodizing Treatment: The cylinder body has been treated with hard oxidation, the hardness is higher than normal one. Its durability extends the service life.


  2. SS304 Screw: Cylinder body screws are made of German stainless steel. Fine workmanship, guaranteed quality.


  3. Hard Anodizing Treatment for Piston: The piston in the cylinder block is also treated by hard oxidatio, and the deepening of the plug groove further fixes the screw device, thus avoiding the displacement and loosening of the spring during use.


The Produciton Feature: 

  1. Production Process: Extrusion manufacturing, extruded aluminum molding in one tome

  2. Anti-corrosive & Wear-resistance: The surface of whole cylinder is treated by Alodur+Teflon which is suitable for chemial workshop and seaside condition, etc.

  3. Widely Used: Suitable for Petroleum, Metallurgy, Power Sector, Paper Making, New Engergy, Hydraulic etc. 

  4. Convenient Operation: Easy to use, Rapid on-off. 


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