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Electric valve

Electric Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Valve Body material:  WCB, SS304, SS316, SS316L

DN size: DN15-DN100 (1/2"~4")

Pressure: PN40

Valve Seat: metal

Actuator Brand: Veapon

Actuator style: on/off style, intelligent regulation style

Power supply: AC24V/110V/220V/380V, DC12V/24V/220V

Rotation Angle: Standard type (0-90°)±5°

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About Electric Eccentric Butterfly Valves

"Electric Eccentric Butterfly Valve" means a regular Eccentric Butterfly valve with an electric actuator. It is a simple solution for many extreme pressure and temperatures applications. They rotate 90 degrees (quarter-turn) from fully open to fully closed. While they typically operate more slowly than valves with a pneumatic actuator, it is often the case that electricity is available and compressed air is not. 

The Eccentric Butterfly valve (always know as metal seated butterfly valve) is mainly used in industries that work under extreme pressure and temperatures. The metal seats are designed to make the valve much more versatile and durable, so that they can easily withstand high pressures and temperatures. Common applications that use butterfly valves include: utilities, pulp and paper, oil and gas production, fuel handling systems, marine, petrochemical processing, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

A Eccentric Butterfly operates in a quarter turn style, meaning that rotating the closed disc 90° will fully open the valve, and vice versa. They can also be opened incrementally in order to throttle flow. This can be accomplished manually, but throttling flow is more precise when used in conjunction with an actuator.  Actuators can be customized to allow incremental flow, by using modulating boards in the case of electric actuators. 

Eccentric Butterfly always refer Double offset or Tripe offset butterfly valve, then WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT ZERO, DOUBLE AND TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVES?  We have a professional answer on the next page

Product Strength:  @Powerful function @high standard protection @humanized design 

  • Suitable for petroleum, metallurgy, etc field

  • Precise and wearable, Intelligent numerical control

  • More anti-corrosive as the whole valve body is made of SS304

  • So durable that the switch on-off can be up to 30W times.

Product Details:

  • Precise Die-casting of Aluminium Alloy: The shell has been treated by aluminum alloy precise die-casting, the hadness is higher than normal. Its durability extends its service life.

  • SS304 Screw: Cylinder body screws are made of stainless steel. Fine workmanship, guaranteed quality.

  • Stainless Steel Material: The valve body material is stainless steel, not easy to leak, good sealing performance and lighter switching torque. 


Product Features:

  • Powerful funtion: On-off type, intelligent regulation, proportional type, various signal output type for choose.

  • Intelligent CNC: Intelligent countrol template integrated in the body of electric actuator, digital setting, high precision, one machine mutti-funcitonal.

  • Precision & Anti-wearable: worm wheel output shaft integration is made of forging special copper alloy, high strength, good wear resistance.

  • Small  return: integrated structure aovid key clearance and has high transmission accuracy.

  • Easy to use: no refueling, no spot check, waterproof and rust proof, installation at any angle.


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