Manual 1pc Thread Ball Valve,control valve
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Manual Valve

Manual 1pc Thread Ball Valve

Body material: Stainless steel, WCB, SS304, SS316, SS316L
DN size: DN8-DN100 (1/4"~4")
Temperature: -40~180
Pressure: 1000WOG 2000WOG
Connection: Threaded
Constructure: 2 piece

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1 Piece 2 way Stainless Steel Threaded Ball Valve

The advantage of One Piece Ball valve is low cost and robust. It as the name suggests is made out of one body piece unlike the 2 and 3 piece and it means the valve cannot be taken apart for cleaning. As a result of the valve body being one piece is that a smaller ball has to be used leading to a reduced port, more commonly called a reduced bore. This means that flow is reduced through the valve, since the ball bore is one size smaller than the pipe size.

  • Threaded Ports FNPT by FNPT for standard Pipe Connection

  • Reduced/Standard Port Ball Valve

  • Stem is Blow Out Proof  

  • Pressure Rating 1000 PSI, Suitable for Standard Uses

  • PTFE Seat and Seal, suitable for High Heat and Chemical Applications

  • Sizes Start from 1/2" up to 2"

Product Strength: @Good sealing; @Easy to operate; @Swift opening and closing; @Low fluid resistance.

Product Feature: 
 1. Compact And Reliable: Plastics is widely used for the sealing surface material of ball valves and has good sealing performance. It has been widely used in vacuum systems.

 2. Low Fluid Resistance:  Its resistance coefficient is equal to that of the same length pipe section.

 3. Easy to Operate: Easy to operate, quick to open and close, only 90° degrees from full opening to full closing, easy to control over a long distance.
 4. Widely Used: It can be used in a wide range fo applications, ranging from several millimeters to meters, and from high vacuum to high pressure. 

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