Manual Flange Ball Valve with Handle Lever,control valve
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Manual Valve

Manual Flange Ball Valve with Handle Lever

Body material: Stainless steel, WCB, SS304, SS316, SS316L

DN size: DN15-DN300 (1/2"~12")
Temperature: -40~300
Pressure: PN16 PN25 PN40
Working Medium: air, steam, water, gases, oil, dust, acid, etc.
Application Field: Petrolem, Metallurgy, Power Sector, Paper Making, Mew Engergy, Hydraulic

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Flanged Ball Valve

Completely insulated with the medim

    low torque,high pressure resistance,pressure beared with two sides,the fluid totally insulated with the valve body and shaft;no plug between the valve ball with the valve shaft,convenient to maintain and replace,and imbedded with special anti-stuck self-lubricating bearing inside the shaft so as to end the problem that the normal ball valve is not able to be closed.

International compatibility

    An flange is mounted on the top of the valve which conform to the ISO5211 standard.The manual operation mechanism or automatic actuators can be installed with it directly.All of the valve can be mounted with Extended valve neck according to the working conditions to meet the requirement for low temperature or high temperature.

Mounting platform for upright type

    because of standardization design,all of the actuators including handle,gear,pneumatic and electric ones can be connected with this series flange ball valves without additional support.Easy to be mounted on site and reducing the error and height.

Diversified customization

    This series of ball valves can be customized according to the requirement of the customer.

    The coating of the valve can be customized as per the requirement of the customer.We can provide coating materials used for any working conditions,such as anti-corrosive nylon coating,seawater proof coating and so on;

    The valve ball and body can be polished to sanitary grade which is used for pharmaceuticals and food industry.

    Valves can be degreased at varying degrees.

Manual Flange Ball Valve with Handle Lever: 
Product Strength: @good sealing; @easy to operate; @On-off rapidly, @Lower fluid resistance

Product Detail: 
 1. Stainless steel Material: Hardness stainless steel material, not easy to damage, use more at ease.

 2. GB Standard Thickness: High pressure resistance, good sealing and durable.

 3. Thickened Stem: Stainless Steel thickened stem, smoothly without jam.
 4. Floating Ball valve: Compact structure with lower fluid resistance coefficient. 

Product Features: 
 1. Reliable Good Sealing: The sealing material of ball valve is widely used in plastic with good sealing which has been widely used in vacuum system.
 2. Lower Fluid Resistance: The fluid coefficent of valve is equal to the same length of the pipe.
 3. Easty to Operate: Easy to operate, On-off rapidly, only 90 is needed from oopen to close, suitable for remote control. 
 4. Wide Application Range: Wide range of applicaton, DN from 15-600, pressure from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. 

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